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About Us


Quality Craftsmanship

SCOTT AND THE TEAM                 

Element Furniture Team

Like many small businesses, Element Furniture started because of a simple need, a table. After some personal home renovations, a new dining space was created, and so a new table was in order. The conventional furniture stores had nice stuff, but the quality was uninspiring, especially given the price tags. As a result, Scott ventured out in an attempt to do it better with: proper craftsmanship, solid wood, and good finishes.


As it turns out, it worked! The business has grown from his garage into a multi-man workshop. Scott and the guys have worked hard to fine-tune and develop a product that is truly high-quality, durable, and one that caters to each individual.



What Sets Us Apart


For us, tables are not furniture, but rather a family’s workbench. Taking that into consideration, the most important thing is to create a high-quality product that provides a solution. Whether it’s aesthetic, size customization, particular shapes for built-in seating, or unique designs, our main goal still remains: crafting a surface that can be used daily without fear of easy damage. It is extremely rewarding to build something we are proud of, that will be enjoyed by/with others, and serves a fundamental purpose that can be passed down for generations.